How to Prepare Your Apps for the Windows 7 Deadline

I was just reading a great article by Erica Mixon of TechTarget’s SearchEnterpriseDesktop and SearchVirtualDesktop sites where she provides three great tips on preparing for the upcoming Windows 7 deadline. As you likely know, official support for Windows 7 ends on January 14, 2020. After that, technical assistance and software updates will no longer be available for Windows 7. 

Unsurprisingly, the first tip that SearchEnterpriseDesktop discusses to prepare for the end-of-life of Windows 7 deals with application compatibility. They highlight the following:

“A legacy application is often a troublesome but necessary component of an organization’s infrastructure. As such, legacy applications are frequently one of the biggest hurdles of Windows 10 adoption.”


We couldn’t agree more. Based on what we’ve seen among our 200+ enterprise customers, legacy applications aren’t just a hurdle when it comes to Windows 7’s sunsetting – they are a roadblock for a majority of cloud migration initiatives altogether. But simply identifying which applications in your organization might have compatibility issues is not enough.

In many cases, companies will have to continue to rely on legacy Windows apps that have no immediate plan of being redeveloped for Windows 10 compatibility. So simply identifying those apps doesn’t solve the whole problem. You need a way to ensure that your people will continue to have access to the applications they rely on, even if the OS they run on is no longer supported. 

This is where virtual application delivery comes in. 

Cameyo enables you to access any legacy Windows app via the browser on any device, regardless of the OS. This means you can phase out Windows 7 devices altogether while providing access to the legacy Windows apps your people rely on – and you can do this on any device, anytime, from the browser.

If you’re thinking about utilizing Windows Virtual Desktops as a solution, Cameyo can help in that situation, too. When layered on top of Windows Virtual Desktop, Cameyo provides seamless access to all of your Windows applications, helping you manage the cost and complexity of delivering legacy Windows apps to any device. And Cameyo works in any cloud, multi-cloud, or on-premises environment – so no matter what your current or future plans are, we’ll be there to support you.   

Ready to see how this could work in your environment? Start a free trial today and you can publish your first virtual app within 10 minutes.