How to SaaSify Your Apps – Moving to the Cloud with Cameyo

Being able to deliver your software from the cloud via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model is becoming more and more critical for most software vendors. But too often, independent software vendors (ISVs) find the process of redeveloping their desktop software for the web is far too expensive, too time-consuming, and doesn’t deliver the same user experience their customers are used to. 

Take ProSolutions, for example. ProSolutions is a leading provider of all-inclusive spa & salon management software, with over 1,200 establishments relying on their solution each day. When ProSolutions saw a host of new competitors spinning up simplified web-based versions of their software, they knew they needed to adopt web-enable their application to stay competitive. SaaSify Your Apps

“We received a quote that told us it would cost between $3-5 million to redevelop our platform for the web, and it would take 12-18 months,” said Mark Wiggins, COO at ProSolutions. “And in the end, it would likely only have had around 80% feature parity with our existing version. There was no way we were going to pay millions of dollars, only to provide our customers with less functionality than they were used to.”

[Read the full ProSolutions case study HERE]

And this is a remarkably common scenario. As organizations expect the ability to access all of their business-critical apps from the browser, SaaS has become the preferred software delivery model. And for tens of thousands of ISVs who currently only offer a desktop version of their software, they face a seemingly insurmountable challenge – either spend millions of dollars to web-enable their software, or risk losing both existing customers and prospects. 

Luckily, Cameyo provides an easy way to web-enable and SaaSify your applications within hours – not months or years – and with absolutely zero development cost. 

Deliver Your Software as a Service with Virtual Application Delivery

Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform makes it incredibly simple for any ISV to SaaSify their applications. By publishing your apps via Cameyo, you can immediately provide all of your customers access to the full desktop version of your existing software, on any device, from the browser. The benefits of using virtual application delivery to web-enable your applications include:

  • Zero redevelopment costs
  • Web-enable your software in minutes/hours, not months/years
  • There is nothing new for your users to learn – they get the same exact user experience they have with your desktop software today, but from the browser
  • Expanded reach for your Windows software, as customers can now utilize your apps on Chromebook, Mac, mobile devices, etc. 

In addition to eliminating the cost and complexity of redevelopment and providing a superior user experience, Cameyo also enables you to increase the free trials you generate for your apps while lowering sales costs. 

Optimizing the Free Trial Process by Eliminating Downloads and Installs

For most ISVs, their websites are their primary source of leads, with the goal of driving site visitors to sign up for and begin a free trial. But as many ISVs experience, there is a large drop off between the number of people who sign up for a free trial and the people who actually start trialing the product. 

One of the biggest reasons that people who indicate interest in a free trial don’t begin those free trials is because they drop off once they’re asked to download an .exe and install the trial version of the software. Maybe they didn’t have time, or perhaps they downloaded it but experienced an issue during the install. Either way, they didn’t get to experience your solution – which means you missed out on a sale.

Immediate Access with Virtual Application Delivery

Thankfully, there is a better way. With Cameyo you can give your prospects immediate access to the full desktop version of your application, from the browser. Our virtual application delivery platform delivers your Windows-based applications to potential customers without any download or install required, simplifying the process and getting people directly into the free trial.

How much can this really improve the free trial conversion? Take a look at this case study where ClockOn, a leading HR software provider in Australia, automated their entire free trial process with Cameyo to provide immediate access to their software on any device. The result? ClockOn experienced a 166% increase in Free Trial completions, and a massive 700% increase in engagement during those trials. You can read the full case study here

But hey, wouldn’t it be better to see this instant free trial experience yourself? Go ahead and start a free trial with Cameyo here, and see for yourself how you can be up and running in minutes.