Introducing Single Sign-On (SSO) for Better Security & User Experience

What’s more important – security or user experience? It’s a trick question, of course – especially when talking about virtual application delivery. If a virtual application delivery product isn’t secure, that’s an obvious non-starter. And if the user experience isn’t great, then your people won’t use it. Or worse, they’ll find some shadow IT workaround. 

Cameyo Integrations with Single Sign-On Solutions 

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Which is why everything we do here at Cameyo is focused on increasing both your organization’s security AND your people’s experience with their critical applications (and therefore, their productivity). To that end, today we introduced integration with the industry’s leading single sign-on solutions, including Ping, Okta, Auth0, etc. 

By integrating with these identity & access management tools, we can ensure that any customer – regardless of whether they’re using OAuth2 or SAML for authentication – is able to provide a seamless, simple, and secure virtual application experience to all of their users.

Single Sign-On Implementation is Simple with Cameyo

If your organization is utilizing a Single Sign-On solution, one of your goals is likely to simplify and consolidate the authentication methods that your people utilize. With these integrations, all of your organization’s existing authentication carries over to Cameyo. You don’t have anything else to configure, and your users don’t have anything else to learn.

Seamless User Experience

We’ve built Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform to provide your people with the most native desktop-like experience when using their Windows applications from the browser. One of the key differentiations of the Cameyo platform is the fact that your users don’t need to learn any new behavior – they just use their apps the way they normally would, but from the cloud. And now with these integrations, there is no need for them to change their workflow when it comes to signing in. 


Not only do these integrations increase simplicity and enhance the user experience, but they also provide enhanced security for your organization as well. Not only does this give you greater control over how people access your environment, but it also gives you greater capabilities when it comes to the enforcement of password policies and more. For example, if your organization is currently using Okta and you want to ensure that your users change their passwords every 30 days, user two-factor authentication, etc. – all of those policies will now seamlessly apply to the way your people access their applications through the Cameyo platform, too. 

These integrations further extend Cameyo’s long-standing commitment to industry-leading security for virtual application delivery platforms. In addition to the recent introduction of our RDP Port Shield technology, Cameyo’s platform protects our customers by delivering applications over HTTPS, separating an organization’s applications from theOS to protect against corrupted machines, the use of multi-factor authentication that utilizes dynamic 110-character passwords, and a host of data and privacy protections including session & user isolation and the automatic wiping of data from Cameyo servers as each session ends.  

Who says you have to choose security OR user experience? Get started with your free trial of Cameyo today and see for yourself how simple, seamless, and secure virtual app delivery can be –