Moving to the Cloud Without Ruining Your People’s Productivity

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: You want to move your organization to the cloud, but you still need to provide your people with access to all of the Windows productivity applications that they rely on. And more importantly, you need to give them access to these legacy Windows apps while maintaining a good user experience. Because your move to the cloud can’t come at the expense of your people’s productivity.

Moving to the Cloud Just Got Easier with Cameyo Session Sync

You’re not alone. Nearly every organization that is pursuing a cloud shift as part of their digital transformation journey runs into this same issue.

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Which is why today we’ve announced a new technology – Cameyo Session Sync – which syncs all of a user’s settings and files from session to session so that they have the most seamless, desktop-like experience possible with virtual application delivery.

With Cameyo’s new Session Sync technology, everything a user does during a Cameyo session is synced to and from Google Cloud Storage. Users (and their applications) are presented a virtualized view of their very own data and settings, regardless of the cloud instance they are being served from, and regardless of how many users are being served from the instance during that time. Cameyo’s cloud instances are multi-tenant and stateless, therefore users are always connected to the most quickly-available, resource-optimal, and cost-effective instance. Unlike other products, Cameyo is the only solution that works on a one-to-many basis. A single cloud instance can serve many users at once, and a single user can be working on multiple instances at once.

Seamless User Experience from Session to Session

Cameyo already enables organizations to provide their people with access to all of the critical Windows applications that they need from any device – with the complete functionality of the desktop versions – from any browser. With Cameyo Session Sync, we have completed our vision of providing users with an experience where they see the same files and data as if they were running their applications from a single, dedicated Windows machine.

This means you can now ensure that your users’ experience from session to session is seamless – without having to maintain an entire VDI infrastructure – which increases productivity and efficiency while removing one of the final hurdles to achieving your digital transformation goals.

Session Sync is available today to all users, and is included in the existing monthly Cameyo subscription fees. Ready to see how much better virtual application delivery can be? Get started with your free trial here.