Avinomics Goes from Desktop-Only App to Web-Based Service with Cameyo

Avinomics is a company that measures the competitive positioning and the risk trends of more than 500 airlines worldwide. Based in Frankfurt, Germany at the heart of aviation and finance, Avinomics quantifies how airlines assess risks and opportunities in the year ahead by measuring planned changes to destinations, asset utilization, and more. Avinomics advises banks, credit card companies and other companies for which airlines represent a counterparty risk. The company provides monthly key figures that enable its customers to take a non-financial look at the opportunities and risks of individual airlines, portfolios, and segments.

Originally, customers wanted to deploy the Avinomics software on-premises. As such, the Avinomics platform was originally only offered as a Windows-based application.

“Over time, the needs of our customers began to change,” said Christin Wilhelm, Managing Director at Avinomics. “Customers who previously wanted an on-prem solution began to request a web-enabled version. And now, it’s a requirement that we be able to deliver our platform as a web-enabled service.”

“We provide a software tool for compiling, analyzing and presenting data about and related to airline risk. We crunch an immense amount of data to provide the critical insights that our customers rely upon,” said Prof. Dr. Sebastian Hermann, Head of IT Infrastructure at Avinomics. “We needed to ensure that our customers maintained access to the full suite of features and functionality that we offer in the desktop version.”

That is when Avinomics discovered Cameyo. With Cameyo, Avinomics was able to deliver the full functionality of their Windows desktop software to anyone, on any device, from the browser – no software installations required. And rather than taking months or years to redevelop the platform, Avinomics was able to deploy its platform on Cameyo and roll it out to all of its customers in a small fraction of the time.

“Cameyo was remarkably straightforward to implement,” said Dr. Hermann. “We were able to deploy our software on the Cameyo platform and roll this out to all of our customers in a few weeks. It could not have been more simple.”

Today, Avinomics has evolved to offering its platform solely as a web-based service. “This worked so well that we were able to make the switch over to a fully web-based offering, thanks to Cameyo,” said Wilhelm.

In addition to delivering the user experience their customer’s required, Avinomics has also found that Cameyo saves them a significant amount of time when it comes to rolling out updates.

“The power of our platform is based on our ability to process and analyze a ton of data, and the ability to deliver actionable insights based on that data,” said Wilhelm. “Part of providing these industry-leading capabilities depends on our ability to constantly deliver new features, functionality, and insights – so we update the tool every month.”

In an on-prem, Windows desktop-only version of the platform, these updates would take weeks or months to manage across all of their customers.

“Frankly, it wouldn’t even be feasible for us to manage and update every customer’s environment each month,” said Dr. Hermann. “With Cameyo, we can simply upload a new version of the software each month, and customers instantly have access to the latest capabilities with no software management required on their end.”


Avinomics has been using Cameyo to deliver it’s aviation data platform to its customers for nearly two years. Rather than redeveloping their entire platform, Cameyo has enabled Avinomics to quickly and easily deliver their platform to any customer, on any device, from the browser. The key benefits that Avinomics has experienced with Cameyo include:

  • Scalability – “The ability to update our platform every month and push each new version to all of our customers instantly is incredible. This alone saves us a lot of time and money by removing the need to manage and update each customer’s environment every month,” said Wilhelm.
  • Speed – “From the time we evaluated Cameyo to the time we had our platform installed and deployed to customers was only a few weeks,” said Dr. Hermann.
  • Simplicity – “Even someone with no technical expertise could be up and running with Cameyo in minutes. It’s very easy to get started, and the user experience is great,” said Wilhelm. 

To learn more about Avinomics’ industry-leading aviation data platform, visit https://avinomics.com/. And to see how other companies are using Cameyo’s virtual application delivery platform to enable access to any Windows application on any device, visit https://cameyo.com/case-studies/.