Aptean Partners with Cameyo and Saves a Years Worth of Development Time and Cost

Aptean Selects Cameyo to Modernize Critical Legacy Application Saving the Company a Year’s Worth of Development Time and Cost

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga., and with offices throughout the world, Aptean is a leading global provider of mission critical enterprise software solutions. The company builds and acquires industry-focused solutions to support the evolving operational needs of its customers. Nearly 6,500 organizations rely on Aptean’s solutions in over 20 specific vertical industries, supporting the operational needs of each.

Back in 2012, the company was incorporated with the merger of two enterprise software providers, CDC Software Corporation and Consona Corporation. Since then, innovation has been one of its driving forces as the company executes on its vision to enable its customers’ long-term economic success by delivering relevant and trusted technology solutions. As part of the merger, Aptean needed to support a large number of mission critical legacy applications that customers rely on to increase business value.

“We have a lot of legacy applications that need to be customized based on customer need,” said Jason Barr, Chief Information Security Officer at Aptean. “Many of the tools our team relies on for customization are thick client systems, which are not flexible enough to keep up with our growing business.”

To ensure Aptean’s internal development team has the resources it needs, Barr initially looked at redeveloping the tools. He quickly determined that it would take a year or more of fulltime development to modernize the legacy systems. With redevelopment off the table due to time and massive costs, he began looking for browser-based functionality that delivered a high level of security and performance, while also being easy to implement and cost-effective.

After comparing the capabilities of multiple competitive products and Cameyo, Barr determined that the Self Hosted version of Cameyo’s Cloud Application Modernization Platform (CAMP) was the only legacy application modernization solution that could meet all of Aptean’s needs.

Cameyo Securely Delivers Mission Critical Tools and Increases Performance

Before Cameyo, Aptean relied on a combination of local desktop installations and pushing the thick client system to users via Remote Desktop. While convenient, both options were problematic from a security perspective. With Cameyo, Aptean simply streams the customization tools to an HTML5 browser, protecting critical network systems from end user device vulnerabilities.

“Security is an absolute priority at Aptean due to our customers’ focus on governance, compliance, and risk management,” said Barr. “Before selecting Cameyo, we pushed them hard during our evaluations to ensure that their platform and the underlying technology could deliver our applications securely. I’m glad to say that Cameyo passed with flying colors.”

Performance was also a critical driver in the selection process. “When you deal with thick clients that were not developed to run on anything but a Windows desktop, you will definitely encounter performance issues when running them over the Internet or VPN,” said Barr. “With Cameyo, you simply download the application to the Cameyo server and its streamed to the end user with the same functionality and performance as the desktop version.”

Cameyo Delivers Powerful Benefits at the Right Price

While the primary goal of Aptean’s search was security, performance, and ease of use, cost was also a key determining factor. Cameyo’s Cloud Application Modernization Platform was developed to increase efficiencies and drive down costs. The cost savings are then passed on to the customer.

“While other services we looked at had similar functionality, Cameyo was definitely the most cost-effective and offered several features that were not available from the others,” said Barr. “We also appreciate Cameyo’s willingness to customize its platform to meet our needs. The team has been very responsive and easy to work with.”


After testing and comparing multiple competitive products and Cameyo, Aptean selected Cameyo’s application modernization solution for its ability to cost-effectively and securely deliver Aptean’s customization tools to end users while maintaining high performance. While the implementation is in phase one, early results have been impressive:

  • A full year of development time and cost saved
  • Smooth implementation of Cameyo’s Self Hosted solution
  • Thick client software seamlessly web enabled with no performance issues

Barr plans a further internal roll out of Cameyo in early Q1 of 2018. If all goes according to plan, Aptean will extend the solution to its customers later in the year.

“Simply put, Cameyo easily puts your desktop applications in the Cloud,” concluded Barr.