Cameyo’s Port Shield Technology Increases Protection Against Cyber Attacks by Defending Both RDP and HTTP Ports 

CARY, N.C. – Oct. 7, 2020 – Cameyo, the Digital Workspace solution that boosts remote worker productivity by securely delivering Windows and internal web apps to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs, today announced it has expanded its Port Shield technology to increase protection against the rise in exploit, brute force, and ransomware attacks aimed at remote workers. In addition to protecting against RDP vulnerabilities, Cameyo’s Port Shield now extends to HTTP/S ports as well – reducing the attack surface for remote workers by automatically keeping all RDP and HTTP/S ports closed, except when needed.

Security firm Kaspersky recently revealed that the increase in remote work has driven a 10X increase in ransomware and brute force attacks in the first two quarters of 2020. And at Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit last month they announced their Top 10 Security Priorities for 2020-2021, with “Remote Workforce Security” as the #1 priority. Cameyo’s Port Shield technology was designed to combat the dramatic rise in threats which take advantage of the vulnerabilities that increase with the growth of remote work.

Providing Dynamic Protection Against Today’s Threats

“Some technologies currently being used to enable remote work were developed decades ago, and were designed for a world where remote work was the exception, not the widespread norm,” said Eyal Dotan, Founder and CTO of Cameyo. “Cameyo is a cloud-native Digital Workspace platform that was designed from the ground up with security at the foundation. The extension of our Port Shield technology to HTTP ports is the latest evolution of our core security functionality, designed to reduce your attack surface while still making it incredibly simple to securely deliver all of the applications your people need to be productive on any device.”

Extending Cameyo Port Shield’s capabilities to HTTP ports provides yet another layer of security for organizations that need to ensure their people have access to all of the business-critical apps they need to be productive while securing both the remote workers and the corporate network at the same time. Port Shield works by managing the Windows Firewall and keeping a server’s RDP and HTTP/S ports closed at all times, then dynamically opening them only for certain authenticated users, only as needed. 

“As organizations shift to a model where they must enable remote work on a permanent or hybrid basis for much of their workforce, their attack surface can grow significantly due to RDP and HTTP vulnerabilities,” said Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “Cameyo’s Port Shield technology provides an additional layer of security, baked in at the core of the platform, enabling organizations to provide safe & secure access to business-critical applications on any device, without the need for third-party security solutions.”     

Relieving the Burden from VPNs

In the early days of the pandemic, many organizations defaulted to relying on VPNs for enabling remote work. VPNs work well when organizations have a certain percentage of their people who need to work remotely, when those people are utilizing IT-managed devices, and when there are firmly-enforced rules regarding USB keys and the use of work apps only.  But VPNs were never designed with the intent of enabling widespread remote work, especially when many of those remote workers are utilizing non-IT-managed devices on home networks. In today’s world of mass remote work, VPNs are effectively providing a secure tunnel for your people’s personal and potentially-infected devices to connect directly to your corporate network. 

Cameyo’s platform, with its enhanced Port Shield capabilities and its NoVPN technology, enables organizations to alleviate the pressure currently being put on VPNs by offloading the tasks that VPNs were not designed for in the first place. Cameyo lets IT deliver all of the business-critical apps their people need, on any device, without those apps needing to be installed on that device, and without that device having to connect to the corporate network. Organizations get simpler, more secure access to their apps on any device, and IT gets to relieve the pressure put on VPNs while reducing cost. 

Building on a Foundation of Security

Cameyo’s digital workspace was designed for the cloud with security at its core. Port Shield expands upon Cameyo’s foundation of security which protects customers by:

  • Enabling secure access to both Windows desktop and Intranet web apps from behind the corporate firewall without the cost and user-experience compromise of VPNs via Cameyo’s NoVPN technology
  • Delivering all applications over HTTPS
  • Separating applications from the OS to protect against corrupted machines
  • Utilizing multi-factor authentication and dynamic 110-character passwords
  • Ensuring session & user isolation
  • Automatically wiping data from Cameyo servers as each session ends

“For the modern digital workspace, security cannot be an afterthought,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Cameyo. “At Cameyo, it’s not just about securing the remote workload – it’s about securing the remote workers, who are more vulnerable and therefore introduce greater risk to any organization.”

Pricing and Availability

The expanded functionality of Cameyo Port Shield has been rolled out to all users of the Cameyo platform as of today, and is included at no additional cost. Additionally, the company’s open-source RDP monitoring tool RDPmon tool can be downloaded for free at and its source code can be downloaded on GitHub at

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