When independent software vendor (ISV) ProSolutions realized it was losing customers who needed a web-based solution, it originally sought to web-enable its traditional desktop software. Until they realized the time and cost involved.

“We received a quote that told us it would cost between $3-5 million to redevelop our platform for the web, and it would take 12-18 months,” said Stephen Wiggins, Co-Owner of ProSolutions. “And in the end, it would likely only have had around 80% feature parity with our existing version. There was no way we were going to pay millions of dollars, only to provide our customers with less functionality than they were used to.”

After exhausting the other cloud enablement options, including remote desktop-based approaches, ProSolutions discovered Cameyo.

“We needed our customers to be able to use the application just as if it were installed locally, and that’s exactly the experience they have now with Cameyo,” said Wiggins. “Our users just login from our website, or save a link to their desktop, and it opens the app in their browser – they don’t even have to know that it’s not local.”

“We now have a very bright future. Cameyo really did save our company.”

Learn about the challenges ProSolutions was facing when it came to SaaS-enabling their software, the various options they evaluated, and the results they’ve seen since web-enabling their software with Cameyo.