Securely Accessing Virtual Apps with Cameyo and Chrome Enterprise

As organizations shift to remote work, VDI, DaaS, and VPNs are straining to keep up, especially when using newer technologies like Chromebooks. Chrome Enterprise has long partnered with Cameyo to make it simple and secure to provide your people with access to the critical legacy Windows applications that they need to stay productive – even if those apps haven’t been web-enabled – directly from your Chrome browser. 

Using expensive and complex Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or traditional application virtualization products is far too costly and complex when providing virtual access to applications on Chromebooks. Cameyo is both a Chrome Enterprise and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner, and our service seamlessly integrates with G Suite for single sign-on, permissions, cloud storage, printing and more to make both the IT admin and the end-user experience as simple and seamless as possible.Cameyo and Chrome Enterprise

Last month Google hosted its Chrome Enterprise Remote Work Series webinar featuring Cameyo as one of their recommended solutions, and that webinar is now available on-demand here. Cameyo is also featured in the “Apps for every worker” section of Google’s Remote Work solutions page here, and a new Google video published this morning highlights how Cameyo works with Chrome Enterprise guest sessions (that video can be found here). 

This new video highlights how easy it is to securely access virtual apps using Cameyo with Chrome Enterprise. By deploying applications through managed guest sessions in Chrome Enterprise, companies can get up and running fast with Cameyo without the need to replicate or create user accounts in the Google Admin console.

One thing that’s interesting to note is that in both the Google webinar and the Remote Work solutions page, Cameyo is one of only three solutions that Google recommends for delivering business-critical apps to any user from the browser. Those three vendors are Cameyo, Citrix, and VMware. 

I know what you’re thinking: “Why on earth would you mention the competitors in this post? Why not just highlight the nice things that Google has to say about Cameyo?”

The truth is, the industry’s frustration with legacy solutions like Citrix, VMware, and Nutanix has been instrumental in the growth of Cameyo over the years. These incumbents have a history of trying to solve new-world problems with old-world technology by packaging up decades-old technology and cobbling together “solutions.” Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has long been the bane of many IT people’s existences (not to mention incredibly costly and complex), and we’ve heard Desktop as a Service (DaaS) referred to (by a well-known industry analyst) as “like VDI, just crudely shoved into the cloud.” 

This is why we have customer after customer come to us looking for a replacement for VDI and DaaS. Take Ur&Penn for example – a large retail chain in Sweden with 126 location. They first chose Nutanix, and after weeks of having an outside engineer work to get it set up, they were never able to get it working. They then selected Citrix, and again – after weeks of outside engineers working on the deployment – the cost and complexity were just too much to bear. Which is when they went looking for Citrix alternatives, and discovered Cameyo’s virtual application delivery approach. Cameyo was able to get Ur&Penn up and running within hours instead of weeks/months, at a fraction of the price, and with a seamless user experience. 

You can read the full case study here, with the CIO giving a very colorful account of why Nutanix and VDI were not acceptable.  

So, as a two-year-old company that is now serving hundreds of organizations around the world, we’re happy to share the stage with incumbents like Citrix and VMware – if for no other reason than being able to help companies that are struggling with VDI and DaaS, but think those are their only options. Just as DaaS was the technology evolution that disrupted VDI, Virtual Application Delivery is the next evolution disrupting both VDI and DaaS by solving the critical pain points of cost, complexity, and security. So if you’re looking for a solution to give all of your people simple, secure access to their business-critical applications on any device, give us a call or start your free trial now. We’d love to show you how much easier life can be for both you and your users!