Survey Reveals Orgs Are Choosing Virtual App Delivery over Virtual Desktops

Across organizations of every shape, sector and size, there’s a growing awareness that a choice exists when it comes to digital workspace solutions.

Whereas Virtual Desktops were the de facto standard for remote and virtual work for many years, more and more organizations—largely on account of pandemic-related workplace pivots—are starting to realize that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) isn’t the only game in town. In fact, industry trends suggest that many are of the opinion that Virtual Desktops could actually be impeding their digital transformation rather than facilitating it.

That has prompted a widespread shift to more streamlined, right-sized practices like Virtual App Delivery (VAD), which neatly sidesteps the burdensome infrastructure and resource requirements that VDI typically entails. Current vendor-neutral studies like the 2021 “VDI Like a Pro” report have shown that Virtual App Delivery is on track to reach parity of adoption with VDI as IT departments, CTOs and end users demand more flexible, cost-effective solutions.

An intentional shift from Virtual Desktops to Virtual Apps

Unsurprisingly perhaps, these findings are bolstered by recent surveys of Cameyo customers conducted by the independent research firm TechValidate. These surveys have revealed that during this period of increased deployment of digital workspaces Cameyo has emerged not only as the gold standard of Virtual App Delivery (with an NPS score of 70, more than double the industry-average score of 30) but also as one of the top alternatives to Virtual Desktops in their entirety. 

For example, TechValidate found that well over half of the organizations they surveyed had evaluated solutions from leading VDI provider VMware prior to choosing Cameyo (TVID: DCC-630-174). Around the same proportion also looked at solutions from Microsoft before deciding that Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery was superior (TVID: D57-4B7-056). In fact, among 42% of the respondents, Cameyo actually replaced existing Microsoft solutions (TVID: 038-ECA-524).

As for Citrix, another heavy hitter in the VDI space, an even greater share of organizations—62%—evaluated Citrix’s solutions before selecting Cameyo (TVID: 324-F44-887).

What explains their choice of Cameyo over these major incumbents? The deciding factors will vary from organization to organization, of course, but the TechValidate survey also shows that Cameyo offers three distinct advantages over competing VDI and virtual application solutions:

  1. Simplicity: Every single customer TechValidate surveyed said that Cameyo’s simplicity of deployment and ongoing management were better than the competition (TVID: FD6-B62-2F3). That simplicity isn’t just a qualitative benefit that eliminates common IT headaches. It also accelerates time to value (TTV) and boosts ROI.
  1. Cost: Thanks in large part to that same efficiency of management and ease of use, 100% of surveyed organizations once again reported that Cameyo’s cost-effectiveness beats the competition (TVID: C3B-41E-145). No wonder organizations that value their bottom line also value the many merits of Virtual App Delivery over Virtual Desktops.
  1. Security: In a time of rising ransomware threats, the intrinsic security of digital workspaces is naturally front of mind. A full 98% of organizations surveyed by TechValidate said that Cameyo’s security gets top marks compared to the competition (TVID: 8A7-240-702). Much of that comes down to forward-thinking features like Cameyo’s Port Shield, NoVPN, and Secure Cloud Tunnelling, which enhance security while increasing accessibility for remote users.

The survey data highlights real-world results

As useful as TechValidate’s surveys are for gaining insight into customer decision-making, it’s important to remember that these percentages are reflective of countless Cameyo success stories. Organizations from every industry have leveraged Cameyo either to drive their digital transformation initiatives or to help smooth their migration to remote & hybrid work scenarios.

Whether it’s a distance learning environment or a dynamic hybrid workplace, Cameyo’s Virtual App Delivery (VAD) platform enables these organizations to offer their end-users secure, seamless productivity regardless of their device, technical skill or location. What’s more, it does so without the added cost, complexity and risks of VDI.

You don’t have to rely solely on the numbers for proof. We offer a free trial of Cameyo that gives you the opportunity to try out our Virtual Application Delivery platform in whatever use case you have in mind. That way, you can see firsthand how Cameyo is able to get critical apps – including legacy Windows software that’s previously been impossible to parlay to the cloud – into the hands of your remote & hybrid users.

And because choice is so important when determining your digital workspace solution, Cameyo is the only solution that enables you to operate in any environment you choose – in any cloud of your choice, any hybrid environment, and/or on-premises. 

If you have questions prior to starting a free trial, go ahead and sign up for a demo and we’ll have one of our customer engineers guide you through a Cameyo demo and how it could help in your particular scenario. Take a few moments to schedule a demo today and get acquainted with how virtual app delivery can work for your organization.