What To Do When VDI is Overkill

I recently came across a brilliant blog post from Brian Madden at VMware entitled “How to convince your users that VDI is good for them.” The post makes a particularly salient point at the end, which is this: “Only use VDI where it makes sense!”

Brian of VMware goes on to explain:

“…the most important thing to remember about VDI is that it should only be used where it makes sense. Ten years ago, many people believed that VDI was “the future” for every enterprise desktop. That led to many scenarios where VDI was used where it shouldn’t have been, resulting in unhappy users. So if you want to convince your users that VDI is good for them, start by making sure VDI is actually good for them!”

We could not agree more. The simple fact is that, for many organizations, VDI and other desktop virtualization products from VMware and Citrix are complete overkill.

VDI is Overkill

The Need to Run Desktop Applications from the Cloud

Here’s an extremely common example – every company that is moving to the cloud eventually hits the same roadblock, which

is that they need a way to provide access to all of their legacy desktop applications from the cloud. This is a problem known amongst cloud providers as the “App Gap.” The App Gap results in one of two scenarios – it 

either stalls a company’s cloud migration or, if they proceed before the App Gap is mitigated, then it results in a disruption of productivity for the organization’s people when they can no longer access their critical apps.

Virtual Desktops are Overkill

For those organizations, where all they need to do is provide virtual access to a handful of applications on any device, VDI is not the answer. And for too long, CIOs and IT Managers have been led to believe that this was their only option.

The result is a situation where IT Managers resent having to deploy, manage, and maintain complex virtual desktop infrastructure just to enable virtual application delivery. And their CIOs resent having to pay for it.

A Better Way to Host Desktop Applications in the Cloud

The good news is, there’s a better way. If you’re just trying to provide your people with access to any application on any device, you do not need to provide all of your users with a complete virtual desktop solution. Instead, you can utilize a virtual application delivery platform like Cameyo.

With Cameyo, you can provide your entire organization with access to the critical applications they need anytime and on any device, all from any HTML5 browser. And as opposed to complex and expensive VDI deployments, anyone – regardless of their technology background – can set up and publish applications from Cameyo to their users within minutes.

Software on Any Device, From Any Cloud (or Multi-Cloud)

Cameyo is also the only solution that is built for the cloud and runs in any environment – cloud, hybrid, or on-premise. So regardless of the path you’ve decided to take on your digital transformation journey, Cameyo can help ensure that everyone in your organization has always-on access to their critical apps on any device – without ruining their productivity.

If you’re curious to see how much easier virtual application delivery can be, start your Free Trial of Cameyo today. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

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