Cameyo Enables Secure Remote Work for Customers Across Industries

Remote work is a trend that cuts across industries. Even prior to the events of 2020, organizations had been adopting work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid workplace models like “hoteling” at an increasing rate. That was true whether their operations centered around teaching classes of students, managing supply chains, delivering a business-critical software platform or ensuring that retail locations are operating smoothly.Image for Cameyo blog post about customer case studies across industries

Throughout that major paradigm shift, Cameyo’s Digital Workspace has been empowering customers across all industries to support greater numbers of remote workers with far less effort. That’s because our virtual application delivery platform is incredibly versatile. Its ease of deployment and ability to deliver apps to any HTML5 browser can breathe new life into legacy or specialized software. At the same time, there’s practically zero learning curve for end users, so they can start using it immediately.

Cameyo also prioritizes security. By avoiding the pitfalls of VPNs and making it far simpler and more secure for authorized users to access the software they need, our Digital Workspace solution provides flexibility and mobility while reducing your potential attack surface.

Here are a few customer examples across a variety of industries to help illustrate how Cameyo is being utilized to simply & securely deliver business-critical Windows & web apps to any device, from the browser. 


Nordward is a coalition of four leading companies in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Together they form a major regional distributor of fresh fish, seafood and Asian food products throughout Scandinavia.

After underwhelming results with conventional VDI solutions, the organization used Cameyo in conjunction with Neverware’s CloudReady to facilitate its transition from Windows to Chrome OS without having to sacrifice its Windows-based ERP system, VismaBusiness. Wherever they are, Nordward employees can now access VismaBusiness through their browsers.

What this means is that the vital aspects of Nordward’s business—things like purchasing, warehousing, logistics, sales and finance—remained the same even as the organization migrated to a more scalable, cost-effective OS. The result has been increased ease of administration, a seamless user experience and clear cost savings.

According to Christian Ahlin, Group Head of IT at Nordward: “Cameyo played a critical role in enabling our transition to Chrome Enterprise. Without the ability to provide access to our Windows ERP software on Chrome OS devices, we simply would not have been able to make the switch.”

Read the full Nordward case study here.


Baldwinsville Central School District serves over 5,500 students in upstate New York. As has been the case for many educational organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated the district’s adoption of a hybrid distance learning model. 

The district did briefly consider its previous solution, VMware Horizon 7. But that was difficult to manage, required expensive infrastructure and wouldn’t have offered the optimal user experience the students needed.

With Cameyo, said Baldwinsville network administrator Jim Cerio, “[o]ur students get to use the full desktop version of the software that they’re already used to, without having to learn anything new. It simply opens up in a browser tab instead of being locally installed on the device.”

Compared to VMware, Cameyo is saving the district $50,0000 per year in just licensing fees alone.

And Baldwinsville certainly isn’t the only school district that has leveraged Cameyo’s Digital Workspace solution during the pandemic to great effect. During a 30-day period in September 2020, we helped 34 school districts transition effortlessly to a distance/remote learning model. Two months later, a further 16 districts had started using Cameyo.

Read the full Baldwinsville case study here.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Even independent software vendors (ISVs) need a helping hand every now and then. Tático ERP is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform provider in Brazil. It offers a suite of integrated applications for managing financials, contracts, CRM as well as many other essential back-office functions.

Tático ERP noticed that more and more of its customers had begun using non-Windows platforms. They were also asking for modern, web-enabled software that didn’t have to be physically installed on local devices. Faced with the prospect of redeveloping the ERP solution (at a cost of $2 million and an 18-month timeline) or struggling with the complexity, cost and inferior user experience of Citrix, Tático chose Cameyo instead.

“When we first saw Cameyo in action, we quickly realized that our users wouldn’t have to download, install or manage anything in order to use our suite,” said Henrique Netzka, Tático’s CEO. “It was like a dream come true. Our users would get the same exact experience as the installed version of the software, but on any device, without having to install anything.”

In using Cameyo to modernize its ERP software suite, Tático’s has opened up new markets for itself. Its solution is now accessible from tablets, Chromebooks, Macs and other devices without having to invest in a costly, time-consuming and unpredictable redevelopment initiative. Through Cameyo, the company broadened its business model almost overnight.

Read the full Tático case study here.


Ur&Penn has been a leading watch and jewelry retailer throughout Sweden since 1943. Today it operates 126 retail stores throughout its native Sweden as well as Finland.

As part of a recent streamlining effort, the company planned to migrate users at its corporate headquarters from Windows PCs to more cost-effective Chromebooks. Unfortunately, a handful of legacy Windows applications threatened to derail the move. 

Nutanix’s Xi Frame was brought in as a potential solution, but “we realized quickly that Xi Frame’s architecture requires one server for each and every user. So right away, this became an incredibly costly solution, according Ur&Penn CIO Emir Saffar. A second solution, Citrix XenApp, caused users to experience continual login issues and required a disproportionate investment of admin resources.

“Unlike Nutanix Xi Frame and Citrix XenApp, there is no complicated infrastructure to deploy and manage. Not only were we up and running with Cameyo in less than three hours, but we can also deploy new apps almost instantly. We never have to re-image or deal with a Golden Image. Cameyo could not be easier,” Saffar said. 

With Cameyo’s Digital Workspace, Ur&Penn was also able to transition quickly to a work-from-home model when COVID-19 arose. Even staff members working in London and New York could access essential Windows applications on their Chromebooks with speed and security.

Read the full Ur&Penn case study here.

Your organization can benefit from Cameyo too

No matter how niche or broad your field of operations might be, Cameyo’s Digital Workspace can help your organization empower remote workers, enable distance learners, or modernize your legacy software to expand your customer base.

Start your free trial of Cameyo today and join the 300+ (and growing rapidly) organizations across industries that are now benefitting from the scalability, cost savings and security of Cameyo’s Digital Workspace platform.