Helping a Global Financial Institution Deliver Critical Apps to Thousands of Users

Even before the sudden surge in remote work due to the pandemic, many global organizations were already looking for more cost-effective and secure solutions for providing all of their people located outside of corporate headquarters with access to their business-critical apps. 

For example – when a large global investment, savings, insurance, and banking group with over 30,000 employees worldwide needed to deliver access to critical business process management software to all of its people located outside of headquarters, they turned to Cameyo.Case Study - FSI

The financial services institution (FSI) currently utilizes legacy workflow management software to automate the workflow of their insurance business. The 25-year-old application is critical to their business processes, but it remains an application that must be installed locally on each user’s machine, and it still relies on Windows XP.

The organization was facing several challenges:

  • Originally, they needed help migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 without losing access to their critical applications.
  • Then, they needed to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10 without having to worry about application compatibility.
  • They also have thousands of remote employees – especially insurance brokers – who travel constantly to serve customers and need to access the application from anywhere, even when on poor connections like 2G/3G. 

Over 10,000 of their 30,000 plus employees were remote and mobile – and most of those people were insurance brokers who need to travel to meet with and serve customers. In addition, there are thousands of unmanaged brokers – brokers who don’t work directly for the company but still sell their services – who needed to access their systems as well.

And because of the global nature of the company, thousands of these brokers were operating in parts of the world where they did not have reliable network connections. This often meant that they were connecting via 2G or 3G cellular networks, which meant that utilizing a VPN in those situations would render the business-critical applications useless.

With Cameyo, this FSI was able to:

  • Save millions of dollars immediately by eliminating the need for Extended Security Updates (ESU) licenses during their Windows 7 migration
  • Enable remote work for over 10,000 remote and mobile employees (pre-coronavirus) – even for brokers who needed to connect via 2G
  • Extend the life of their existing suite of broker tools and continue to provide access to the legacy apps even as employees migrated to new and unsupported platforms

To learn more about how Cameyo helped this global financial institution, read the full case study here.