Modernize Legacy Software to Maximize Sales from the Website

Let’s face it – we all want to decrease the cost of selling, delivering and supporting software. If you are like many of us, with a C-suite directive of Cloud First technology, your organization sees the cloud as being critical to cost effective operations. So what happens to those legacy applications? Aligned with our other mandates, for agile development and rapid customer response and alike, few of us have the luxury of hiring more staff or consultants to rewrite any legacy software for the Cloud. Modernize legacy software to lower costs and maximize sales from the website.

As an ISV, you are well aware of the standard software sales process and its inherent complexity, inefficiency and expense that can come with securing a single customer. While this is especially true for legacy software that’s not web-enabled, it also happens when software license management becomes too complex.

Modernize Legacy Software to Increase Customer Engagement

Our websites are a key inbound asset for acquiring customers, regardless of what channel they use to get there. According to Terminus, “B2B buyers don’t contact potential vendors until 57% of the purchase process is complete,” making it even more critical to provide customers immediate access to what they want. In many respects, they are self-qualifying, so that you know when they do come to your site, they arrive with problem in hand, wanting to evaluate your product for suitability.

Your marketing team works hard to funnel the marketplace to your site to sign up as prospects – by registering for a webinar, report, giveaway and alike. Then they are considered to be in your corporate funnel and are passed to sales to follow up for a conversation, hoping to generate enough interest to schedule a demo or a trial. While the process ultimately leads to customer adoption, it’s often plagued with both marketing and sales spending time nurturing the curious and the unqualified, instead of the desired serious and committed prospect. And let’s face it – your site visitors don’t want you wasting their time either.

Stop Wasting Customers’ Valuable Time (And Yours)


This is where Cameyo for ISVs can really help. Using this one, simple service you’ll maximize your sales from your website, increase the quality of leads to sales team, help focus your marketing efforts, and perhaps most importantly – not waste your or your prospects time.

Cameyo for ISVs is a cloud-enabled service. “Simply put, Cameyo easily puts your desktop applications in the Cloud,” as Jason Barr, Chief Information Security Officer at Aptean succinctly describes.

Adding this one, simple, cost-effective step to your trial software delivery process immediately empowers prospective customers to instantly interact with your software directly on your website. When used by your system engineers and pre-sales specialists for customer demonstrations – wherever in the world they may be – your licensing, maintenance and distribution of a common version of technology is a whole lot simpler. All your field personnel need is a web browser, no more downloads required.

Customers and partners are benefiting from modernizing their software. So what are you waiting for? Modernize legacy software to maximize sales. Sign up for a free trial now.