IT Efficiency is Key to Justifying Investment in VDI & DaaS – and That’s a Problem

When it comes to justifying the investment in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a recent survey by the analysts at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) reveals that the highest-rated factor (with 38% raking it the top concern) is the need to increase IT efficiency. This means that organizations place a lot of value in the ability to break through challenges that consume an inordinate amount of time and resources. ESG Survey VDI and DaaS and Cameyo

And this is one of the key issues that the adoption of traditional VDI and DaaS solutions isn’t higher. 

The same survey also reveals that the one of the top three concerns with VDI and DaaS is complexity. And more than half of current VDI and DaaS users reported that it takes more than 10 full-time employees to support those deployments on an ongoing basis. 

But considering most organizations have some sort of experience with the legacy VDI and DaaS providers in the past, it’s not surprising complexity is an ongoing concern. And the fact that it takes 10+ full-time employees to manage that complexity on and ongoing basis – that flies directly in the face of “breaking through challenges that consume an inordinate amount of time and resources.”

And this is exactly why the market is shifting away from legacy VDI and DaaS and moving to Digital Workspace solutions like Cameyo that are capable of providing everyone with seamless access to all of the applications they need – anytime, and on any device – directly from the browser, and without all of the legacy infrastructure needed with VDI and DaaS. 

As one Cameyo customer – the IT Director at Community High School District 99 – put it:

“When it comes to Citrix and VMware, there is just so much complexity – not just in the deployment phase, but from an ongoing management perspective as well. With Cameyo’s Digital Workspace solution, all of the complexity that exists on the backend just melts away from the user’s perspective. The hurdles you normally hit during deployment and the ongoing issues of managing VDI and DaaS – all of that is eliminated with Cameyo.”

So if you’re looking to enable your employees to be productive from anywhere and on any device, consider the full scope of the cost and complexity of the solutions you evaluate. For legacy VDI and DaaS solutions, it’s not just the per-user, per-month subscription cost – you also need to consider the upfront cost of all of the infrastructure, the third-party services you need to get up and running, the months it takes to deploy, the double-digit staffing resources you need to manage it in the long term, and more. 

With Cameyo, you eliminate all of the infrastructure costs and enjoy a simple per-user subscription fee that includes all usage costs – eliminating bill shock at the end of the month. And when it comes to eliminating things that consume and inordinate amount of time and resources, Cameyo can be deployed within hours without in-depth technical experience, and can be managed by a single person.

That’s the type of IT efficiency that can help you get your Digital Workspaces project funded. Skeptical of how simple and powerful Cameyo is? Get started with a free trial today and check it out for yourself. 

Want the full ESG report? You can download it for free here.