Talking Remote Work and NoVPN with eChannelNews

Earlier this week our CEO, Andrew Miller, had the pleasure of sitting down (virtually, of course) with Julian Lee of eChannelNEWS for a conversation about how to effectively deliver secure access to business-critical applications for remote workers. ECN Blog Image

As we’ve all seen, the urgent increase in remote work has led to a situation where millions of people are working from home on their personal devices (often times, even if they have a corporate laptop). In these instances, the use of VPNs simply provides a secure link between people’s personal devices – which are not corporate-managed and could be infected with malware – and the corporate network. That’s a clear security concern for most IT teams.

In addition to the security issues, VPNs have another major flaw – the user experience. First, there’s the added step and delay involved every time a user logs on, as they need to wait for the VPN to connect before they can start working. Then once connected to the VPN, some of the biggest complaints users have with VPNs are “lag” or connection speed issues, as well as frequent disconnection issues that require re-authentication.

“Anytime a technology introduces frustrations and hurdles – rather than removing them – productivity is deeply impacted,” said Andrew Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Cameyo. “VPNs are not the solution for remote work from either a security or a productivity perspective.”

Which is precisely why we developed Cameyo NoVPN, to provide your remote workers with secure access to all of their business-critical Windows applications and web apps on any device, from the browser – all without a VPN. 

To listen to the full conversation and learn more about how we help provide secure access to apps without VPNs, how we work with our channel partners, and more – check out the eChannelNEWS episode here