Why we’re excited to be IGEL Ready

As you may have seen, this morning we announced that we’ve partnered with IGEL, joining their IGEL Ready program as a technology partner. At first glance, the announcement may seem pretty straightforward – two companies who share a mission to deliver productive digital workspaces are joining up to make it even more simple, secure, and cost-effective to deliver business-critical apps to anyone, anywhere. IGEL Ready Blog Post image

But it’s about much more than that. And we’re very excited. 

Look, we all know that technology partnerships and alliances happen all of the time, for a variety of reasons. And often times, there’s not much meat behind them. But the IGEL Ready program is inherently different. Let me explain why, and why I’m so excited.

1) This is all about the customer

Unlike amorphous partner programs without a clearly defined goal, a core tenet of the IGEL Ready program is ensuring the best possible customer experience – from the initial evaluation process all the way through to the the end-user experience.  

The IGEL Ready program lets customers know right from the beginning that the solutions they are evaluating have already been fully tested and verified to work with what’s already in their environment. No more evaluating and getting exciting about solutions, only to find out they aren’t going to work with something else you’ve already invested in. Cameyo and IGEL have been tested and verified to work seamlessly together, giving our joint customers the ability to deploy with confidence. 

2) The world needs simple & secure solutions now more than ever

Organizations worldwide are prioritizing workspace agility and business continuity as the world shifts to long-term or permanent remote work arrangements. To ensure productivity from anywhere, companies need to provide their people with secure access to all of their business-critical applications. Many of these organizations don’t have the budgets or the IT staff necessary to manage widespread virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) or desktop as a service (DaaS) deployments, and they need a simple, secure, and cost-effective way to deliver these applications.

Cameyo’s Digital Workspace platform combined with IGEL’s secure endpoints gives any organization – from SMBs to global enterprises – the ability to enable secure, productive remote work for all of their employees within hours. 

3) The IGEL team truly #BELIEVES

At Cameyo, one of our core beliefs is that if we maintain a relentless focus on serving our customers and helping to solve their most pressing problems, then we can’t go wrong. But we also believe that “relentless focus” should never come at the cost of doing business with decency, honesty, and respect. We believe both are possible. 

Sure, IGEL is an industry leader in enabling cloud workspaces – but what’s more exciting for us is IGEL’s commitment to being an industry leader when it comes to advocating for a helpful and positive attitude of service. And if you haven’t seen their #BELIEVE campaign, it’s hard not to be inspired:

We BELIEVE in a servants heart; We BELIEVE in helping others; We BELIEVE in staying positive; We BELIEVE in believing.”

We’re honored to be a part of the IGEL Ready program. We’re excited about the value this brings to our joint customers, both today and in the future. But more importantly, we’re inspired to be joining a global community dedicated to helping customers and the ecosystem as a whole. 

To view Cameyo’s product profile in the IGEL Ready showcase, visit https://www.igel.com/ready/showcase-products/cameyo/. And to explore the complete IGEL Ready ecosystem of solutions, visit igel.com/ready.